Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What is ENERGY. Energy ideas and energy basics

The word energy is of greek origin. The prefix en means in or content and ergon means work. A change in an energy in an isolated system indicates the maximum amount of work that the system can theoretically produce in transition from state 1 to state 2.. Thus the energy can be defined as capacity to do work. In the International system of units SI THE UNIT OF ENERGY IS JOULE which is named after james pprescott joule. It is a derived unit. It is equal to the work done in applying a force of one newton through  distance of one meter. The SI unit of energy per unit time is watt. Called as joule per second. Therefor one joule is one watt second and 3600 joule equal to one watt hour. Human being are massive amount of energy daily.

Energy used goes to do some kind of work whether it is to run a radio or to run a car down the highway. Every where energy is used. Energy is absolutely necessary component for the economic development. The degree of civilisation of any country is measured by the ability to utilise energy for human advancement and their needs. Human societies have continued to increase the amount and change the form of energy required in search for more comfort. As a country develops over a period of time , the growth of gross domestic product occurs along with an increase in pollution with its consequent demand for housing, consumer goods, transportation and services. This result in an energy consumption too. So the growth of GDP is parallel to that of energy consumption. The standard of living of any country can be directly related to per capita energy consumption. The annual per capita consumption of India is very low as compared to other countries but it supported to grow with the growth in the economy. Advanced economies with high living standard have relatively high level of energy use. The ratio of energy consumption to GDP is defined as energy intensity. The energy intensity is higher for developing countries as compared to developed countries like USA. India's energy intensity is 3.7 times of japan and 1.55 times of USA. Hence it shows greater energy dependence. By focusing an energy efficiency and lower energy intensive methods, this ratio can be bought down easily. In developing countries energy sector is of critical importance because of the ever increasing energy needs and the huge investment to meet them. This stage of economic development and standard of living of individuals in a given region strongly influence the link between energy demand and economic growth.

Energy is the capacity or capability to do work All materials possess energy because they can all be utilised in some form of energy conversion process. Examples are are :- more substances will burn or vaporise, and the consequent heat energy can be harnessed with in mechanical energy system that create motion against some form of mechanical resistance.
The fact that energy can neither be created no be destroyed is called the law of conservation of energy. In the form of the first law of thermodynamics this states that a closed system s energy is constant until energy is transferred by work or heat and that no energy is lost in transfer.
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What is ENERGY. Energy ideas and energy basics

The word energy is of greek origin. The prefix en means in or content and ergon means work. A change in an energy in an isolated system in...